HO 20ft ISO Solid Waste Container
  • HO 20ft ISO Solid Waste Container

    HO Scale 20ft Solid Waste Container, offerd in two variants.


    The Grey version has a 6 panel door with 3 hinges and an extra ratchet clamp on one side and is typically seen in either grey or yellow. Printed in light grey resin.

    The Green version has a 12 panel door with 4 hinges, like the prototype, the extra clamp has been removed. These are typically seen in medium/dark green. 3D printed in a green resin.


    • 3D Printed Parts

      These models are 3D Printed and require a certain amount of work to prepare them for use on your model railroad. Some assembly / fitting / filing / filling may be needed to complete


    • Location Pins

      Location pins have been provided on each lower container casting to aid loading onto some COFC models and also permit stacking. Some models do not have a matching hole (Walthers VTTX for example) so it is recommend that these pins are removed if fitted to these cars.