HO Type F De-horned "Functional Dummy"

HO Type F De-horned "Functional Dummy"

This "Functional Dummy" version of the Type F has been modified to allow it to be easily manual coupled / uncoupled while still be compatible with "Sergent Engineering" HO scale couplers. The Tight Lock horn has been omitted, disabling the tightlock feature allowing these couplers to be uncoupled by lifting them vertically by hand. These couplers are intended  to be used in unit trains were uncoupling is a rarity. When coupled, the lack of the tightlock horn is hardly noticable however the couplers do have the bulk of the Type F and the couplers other features. The lower shelve is also modified to allow easy uncoupling.  These "Functional Dummy" are designed to couple with one another as well as any regular sergent coupler of any type.

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